Hardware Revision Descriptions
Updated: 9 January 2021

General Description
The AVT-424 LIN Expansion board is a mezzanine or daughter board that is installed on top of the AVT-423 multiple interface board.
Communications to the client computer are via Ethernet - through the AVT-423 board.
It is equipped with six channels of LIN.  This gives the AVT-423 eight total channels of LIN.

Hardware Configuration
The default hardware configuration of the board is rev. "B1".
The hardware configuration is noted in the white "Rev" block on the top of the board.

PC Board Revision

PC Board Revision

The revision of the PC board is noted in copper on the bottom of the board.
It only changes when the board is redesigned.

PC Board Revision A1

Date: 30 October 2020.
Original board design.
Qty. 2 built.
One was kept in-house and was designated as rev. "A1" (in white block on top).
One was delivered to the customer and was designated rev. "A2" (in white block on top).

PC Board Revision B1
Date: 16 December 2020.
(Important note about this board: The rev level in copper on the bottom shows "A1".  It should have been "B1".  My error, I failed to update that text.)
(Only one real rev. "A1" board was ever shipped out-of-house.  It can be identified by the presence of hand wiring corrections on the board.)
Lots of changes, all at the request of the customer.
The biggest change is: the VBATT supply for each LIN channel is separate and assigned to its own pin on P10.
To-date, the only boards shipped are noted as rev. "BA" in the white block on the top of the board.
No modifications to the "BA" boards - they are shipped "as-built".
Qty. 38 built.

PC Board Revision xxx
Date: xxx.

PC Board Revision xxx
Date: xxx.


AVT-424 rev BA     AVT-424 rev BA
AVT-424 rev. "BA" board only.

AVT-423 with AVT-424 installed     AVT-423 with AVT-424 installed
AVT-424 rev. "BA" board installed on an AVT-423 rev. "FB" board.

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