Special Notice
Updated: 23 January 2024
AVT Announces Phased Shutdown

Please Read Carefully. Ask me if you have questions.

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After 29+ years of business – I am announcing the phased shut down of Advanced Vehicle Technologies, Inc. (AVT).
Effective immediately (mid - 2023) I will not build any more products for stock.
When current stock is exhausted – I will not build any more.

You can check current stock levels of my products on this page: Price List
I try to keep that page up-to-date (as best I can).
You can call or write to ask for the most up-to-date information.

I plan to keep my office telephone number operational for as long as I reasonably can; likely through most of 2024.

I plan to keep the web domain “” active through at least December of 2024.
I plan to keep these two email addresses active through at least December of 2024:
I will try to provide technical support, repair, and consulting through at least December 2024.
I will keep the company ‘active’ so that financial transactions can be completed.

My customers are politely but firmly reminded to pay their outstanding Invoices on-time.
AVT is still in-business; just not building any more hardware.
I will pursue late payers with zeal and will consider hiring a collection agent to pursue un-cooperative ‘customers’.

I will sell, on a non-exclusive basis, the right to build any of my products. (Exclusivity issues are negotiable.)
If you are interested in buying a 'License' to build one of my products - please request a quote. (Price and Terms are negotiable.)
The most likely products are, but not limited to:
The price includes, and may not be limited to:
Schematic, annotated parts list, board manufacturing files (Gerbers and related), test software, test scripts, a sketch of the test hardware set-up, and possibly other ‘stuff’.
I will gladly introduce the buyer to the Contract Manufacturer that has been building my boards. Using them might save money and time.
I have some production parts available for all three listed products. I will sell those parts, at-cost, to support the buyer's build efforts.
I will sell my existing stock of products, if the buyer wants to get going quickly.
If requested, I can provide the buyer with a list of past customers and I will refer all interested customers to the buyer.
I can also post the buyer’s contact information on the ‘’ website.

The AVT-423 will require that the buyer resolve the CAN-FD license issue with Bosch.
The AVT-440 and AVT-441 are products exclusive to and for ZF. The buyer may need to resolve any issues with ZF.

Update - 14 October 2023
AVT is in negotiations with a company to take over production of the AVT-423.
I will do my best to minimize the amount of time where AVT-423 board availability may be limited.
I will continue to provide technical support while I work at getting them up-to-speed.

Update - 14 November 2023
I removed the posted 'product' price.
Price varies depending on the product and the situation.

Update - 16 November 2023
I 'may' be building one more batch of AVT-423 boards.
Most will be for one customer.
If the build proceeds, I am guessing the boards will become available in February 2024.
If you are interested, please let me know so that I can have the correct number of boards built.

Update - 23 January 2024
The batch of new AVT-423 boards should be in my hands about the week of 19 February.
I expect to start shipping orders on or after 26 February.
As of today, only 8 boards are available.
All the other boards of that batch are committed to customers.